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Training involves the athletic development of the horse as well as the developing the horse's willingness to respond. The training process that Linda uses includes lunging, long reining, and riding. lunging a rescue horse at Amberdell Equine Sanctuary

Lunging can be excellent for stabilizing the horse's acceptance of the bit and conditioning obedience to requests by the trainer.

At Amberdell Equine Sanctuary, long reining is used to teach the horse how to respond to the reins, to strengthen the relationship between horse and trainer, to teach the horse to balance between the reins, and to practice the manuvers that the rider will ask for.

Riding confirms and expands the foundation established through lunging and long reining.

​ While the training procedure seems to be a simple process, it varies in application from horse to horse.

The Dressage training pyramid describes establishing rhythm with relaxation and connection then building impulsion, developing straightness, and finally achieving collection. More than being a seqential pyramid of growth, this training is actually a cycle that is repeated as the horse and rider progress through the levels of exercises.lunging at Amberdell Equine Sanctuary

Missing from the dressage training pyramid is a key fundamental, balance, and its corresponding essential goal of self carriage.

With the fundamental purpose to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, Linda customizes the particular combinations of exercises to best develop each horse.

The voices of great riding masters and the experiences of training many horses over the past years are the guides that Linda draws from as she works with each horse and rider.

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