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Amberdell Equine Sanctuary


South Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island, Florida horse rescue, Amberdell Equine Sanctuary

Linda Training Hobby - 2018

This is Senor Habanero, AKA ‘Hobby,’ an 11-year-old retired thoroughbred racehorse. Retired in October, 2017, he spent the winter at pasture and was purchased by Kerry Maki-Dale in July, 2018. His training has been long reining in the round pen at Amberdell Equine Sanctuary to establish a foundation with the goals of relaxation, obedience, rhythm, and even tempo.

Our video was taken on his second ride in the dressage ring.

Chanel's Progress

Equine dressage video of rescue horse Chanel - Feb 2016

Training after restoring her health

Linda on Chanel

Linda Training Horse Rescue Chanel 2016

Training after restoring her health

Melissa on Knowa

Melissa Training rescue Horse - Knowa - 2016

Training after restoring his health

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